Florida Keys:

(1 of 1)Saltwater flats fishing is hunting and fishing combine in less than 6 feet of water, there is nothing like casting at a 100 pound tarpon or seeing the tail stick up from a feeding bonefish or permit in shallow water, its breathtaking, scary and beautiful to say the least. No matter what time of year you are here there is always something to target on the flats!

The Florida Keys are made up of a vast array of shallow bays, mangrove shorelines and channels that can sometimes make just getting to the fish fun. I will fish all over the Keys depending on time of year, species and your location but  mainly around the Big Pine Key to Key West area. The average depth in the inshore waters of the area is about 4 feet in most places, the shallow gin clear water of the Keys make it a great place to sight fish for an array of different species, In addition to the fish the birds that call this area home are great to watch as well, Ospreys, Egrets and Roseate Spoonbills just to name a few can be seen working the shallow water or waiting on a tide change. The Florida Keys is also home to many Marine Sanctuaries and the well known Key Deer Refuge. On a normal fishing day we will meet at a set time and place to launch the boat, once we are at our fishing location I will provide any instruction that is needed on our chosen fishing method and how we work as a team in the boat to hunt, spot and catch our targeted species. I work hard at exploring spots that go somewhat unnoticed as well as fishing some more well known places in hopes to find what Im after! I have an assortment of conventional and fly tackle aboard the to cover all fishing scenarios.