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The Florida Keys is the epicenter and birth place of saltwater fly fishing. The fishing in the Keys is by far some of the best fishing on earth, being that we are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other allows us to fish and find fish in many different situations through out the year and even on a daily basis. Throughout history people have come to fish these waters for the challenge that sight-fishing the flats has to offer. The fish that haunt the flats here in the Florida Keys are on average are larger than any other saltwater destination you would travel to and more world records have been established in the Florida Keys than any other destination in the world. The Florida Keys is home to multiple legendary Tarpon tournaments as well as Bonefish and Permit tournaments that have ben drawing the same anglers and guides for years and now many of them are invitation only and require a lot of time and dedication from the angler and guide to capture the top honors in one of these tournaments


With all that being said the Keys is a great place not only for the for the advanced or tournament angler but novice anglers too.The healthy populations of baby tarpon, jacks,sharks, redfish, snapper and barracuda are all readily available and willing to eat a fly or bait. So in a nut shell the Florida Keys is a beautiful fish filled area that is a treat to fish!

The Fish


Every spring the annual Tarpon migration begins  as early as February and lasts thru June, these fish first show up in the backcountry and as spring progresses they can be found cruising the deeper oceanside flats, most of the migrating Tarpon are in the 70-100 pound range with bigger(150+) fish being in the mix.


These fish have become one of the most sought after saltwater species on the fly, Permit fishing is best from February through early April in the Keys. The Permit in the keys range from 15 to 35 pounds with the largest concentration of this species being found in the lower keys.


These fish are found in 5-12 inches of water feeding on small crabs, shrimp and baitfish, named the “ghost” of the flats because of there tendency to appear and disappear so quickly. Florida Keys bonefish are some of the largest in the world with the average fish being 7-9lbs and double digit fish often spotted.


Known for its large size and fearsome appearance.

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